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Full Version: Looking for mybb 1.8 editor
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Looking for a nice text editor not too heavy, but with great features, for mybb 1.8.
Since my theme is from 1.6 Im missing out on some things that was added in v1.8.

you can try using MHeditor

why don't you use compatible theme for MyBB 1.8!?


That worked!

Well, a theme is a very personal thing and It might be just me, but one might not just change the theme they absolutely love for just 1 or 2 problems that can be fixed with the help of the mybb community.

There are just 1000+ themes for 1.6.x, but only like what, 10-50 themes for 1.8? There is absolutely no theme I liked, although, not the free ones...

Also, not a long term solution to change theme every update there is going to be.. Just my opinion to be honest.