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Full Version: how to width of logo bar
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hello guys can anybody help me

how to increase width of logo bar which is in blue colour please help me out admin and users please
can we have your forum url to check it ..
ACP >> Themes >> Your Theme >> extra_stil.css 

find #head and change the following two lines

background: #254b82 url(images/FaceBook-v1/header-bg.png) bottom no-repeat;
width: 950px;

into this.....

background: #254b82 url(images/FaceBook-v1/header-bg.png) bottom repeat;
width: 100%;

NOTE: you can either specify a value higher than 950 in pixel or use %, whichever you prefer....
thanks a lot sir for u help

hello and 1 more thing how to increase logo width as its comes out of the margin i want to increase the height so logo fits up there please help me out thanks