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Full Version: Edit or correct the List of Threads in a forum?
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I've been told the template to handle the list of threads within a forum was called 'Show Forum', but the only Show Forum I saw handled the staff members.  And I have been searching through the various templates within.

Allow me to explain.   I have been using a number of themes within my (formerly v 1.6) board.  But upon switching to MyBB v 1.8, I have had some issues.  The themes themselves appeared fine, but I learned that the themes and templates were not compatible and caused problems with registrations and some other niceties.  So with that, I found a basic MyBB 1.8 theme which was recommended for use.

BUT... it had some drawbacks.  Threads and posts were bungled, the index page... meh...  BUT, I did research and figured out where to make the subtle corrections within the new MyBB 1.8 theme templates to work properly.  Still, my drawback is when I attempt to look at a list of threads within a forum itself.


The first attachment is how messed up my list of threads appears using the MyBB template that came with the theme.  It was like this, even before I started editing the MyBB 1.8 theme templates.  The second shows that scrolling down, you can see a secondary copy of the list of threads... still mis-aligned and with the 1.8 templates in use.

But the third attachment is the 'same' theme, using my earlier MyBB 1.6 templates.  Given that, I know that it is a template issue and not a css issue.  But with the older MyBB 1.6 templates, the inline moderation is snafu-ed.

As such, my query is simply, what templates do I edit to alter the list of threads?
forumdisplay_threadlist template

you can enable Output template start/end comments so that source code of the page tells where a template code starts & where it ends

admin panel >> configuration (settings) >> Server and Optimization Options >>
Output template start/end comments? <-- select yes & save settings

eg. <!-- start: forumdisplay_threadlist -->
I appreciate the help, but I had already examined the 'forumdisplay_threadlist' template. There is actually no difference between my original MyBB 1.6 version of this template and the one that came with the MyBB 1.8 theme.

And I already had the Output template start/end comments switched on.

Still, there must be some other template (or combination thereof?) that is rendering the list twice; the first render allowing inline moderation but not properly displayed, the second properly displaying but not allowing for moderation. ***

*** Newest bit not realized. The properly 'rendered' list (both the 1.6 and 1.8) is not permitting inline moderation. Oddly, the mis-rendered (oddly center aligned) version of the list 'does' allows moderation.
basically it looks like incompatible theme.
you may PM me temporary access to forum admin panel to check the issue
PM sent. I had already created a new account, testing the registration system.
Okay... Google SEO was an evil BA****D when we updated (um, with the plugins still in use).

Problem solved. Smile