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Full Version: Need Help Banning A User FOR GOOD.
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Hi there, we are having great troubles with a problematic user. We have banned his IP addresses correctly, but he just keeps on creating/using new ones somehow. I'm not sure what further steps we can take to prevent this person from signing up to our site. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! The only idea I have is to shut down registration, but obviously that is not fair to others who wish to sign up. How does this individual keep signing up to our site with so many multiple IP addresses? And what can I do to prevent this from happening? I have banned about 50 or more of his thus far, and as soon as I do he just creates a new account that uses another IP address, is the problem. I've heard of proxy servers, which this person might be using I guess... Is there some way to prevent those from registering/signing up maybe?

Thanks mybb team,

EDIT: Sorry I noticed I posted this in the wrong section, should be in the Security threads. And also our forum is 1.6 not 1.8, I created this thread quickly as I'm on my lunch break - I'd delete it and re-post it there but as far as I can tell there is no way to delete my own post???
Sorry, it's been one of those days...

The person may be using a proxy, if that is the case, there isn't a lot you can really do about it. What you might try doing is disallowing email addresses. It can at least slow them down.
Thank you for moving the thread and the suggestion! I will give this a try, this is an option in the admin panel? And any other ideas from anybody I'm all ears!
Have you tried these.? - No Proxy Please
This plugin will deny the access of Users / Visitors from Proxy either Globally or while on Registration. - Anti Proxy
This plugin detects most of the proxies and denies registration using proxies.
I don't believe we have, but those sound like exactly what we would need! Despite the rather low rating/review of 2 stars. Many thanks, I'll report back with some sort of news. =)
(2015-06-02, 09:13 PM)Gi Nattak Wrote: [ -> ]Thank you for moving the thread and the suggestion! I will give this a try, this is an option in the admin panel? And any other ideas from anybody I'm all ears!

ACP->Config->Banning->Disallowed Email Adresses.
Thank you sirs!
That plug-in (the 2nd one linked) might have just done the trick.
After some testing it does seem to block proxy server registration, and still allow normal legit registration.
The problematic user hasn't made an appearance back yet *fingers crossed* as well.
Thanks both of you for the quick assistance! Will consider this one solved. =)
I have the exact same issue. Some irritating loser with no life keeps spamming some crappy weed forum on my site. Uses a VPN (and sends everyone on the board PMs bragging about it) too. I censored his thingy but he uses spaces and... ugh. I'l try the plugins @Vanz posted.
Do you have anything which could discourage a user from signing up so many times? For example, email validation?

Most wouldn't go through a long registration process many, many times (they will get bored and move on).
I'd recommend hellbanning the user. If the user is unaware that their latest account is banned, it's unlikely that they'll create a new account to continue.

I believe there's a 1.6 plugin for this somewhere.

EDIT: here is the plugin.
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