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Intro: My forum is a small but hopefully will grow soon music site, its been up for a year but was a place for me and my friends to chat about music. Now i have released it so new people can come along and have a good old chat about music, alternative lifestyles and anything else revolving around this.
We hold regular competitions with great prizes and are a very honest forum, if you like a good banter/debate.
We discuss everything from music genres, instruments, modifications/piercings/tattoos, gaming, festivals and anything else. so feel free to pop in and say hi.
Forum Link:
Extra Comments: We are currently trying to recruit another moderator to help run the forum when i am unable to. The position is good for someone who has knowledge of music, and any of the other subjects on the site as well as keeping the place moderated - although we do not see very many problems these days *touch wood*, help get activity on the forum because i appear to be doing everything these days to get discussions going as well as helping with forum ideas/competitions. if you feel you can do this, please feel free to come to the site and let me know Smile

Also, any advice on how to improve my forum - look/feel/traffic would be most appreciated, i am new to forum running and do not have much experience except running other peoples forums lol
Do you want to affiliate? I'm trying to affiliate with music sites/forums.
Let me know.
yeh that would be great! plus been checking your forum out for sometime now and keep meaning to join it Smile
if you send me your details and stuff then i will get links sorted Smile

thanks x
Nice.. but i recommend to center the image in the Affiliates box
i know, i am just going to do that - i have just changed my theme and a few of the mods have gone screwy but thanks for reminding me Smile
its slowly coming together - after a year lol
Cheers for affiliation Smile
any time huni Smile
will be posting on your forum soon Big Grin
if anyone is interested - i am running a competition which ends this week on saturday night to win the new Within Temptations album.
Feel free to join and submit yoiur answer for your chance to win this
also, if you join and you refer a friend who joins and wins the competition - you win prizes too - so feel free to pass the site onto anyone who wishes to join and win Smile

any questions feel free to let me know