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Full Version: Remove account preferences from registration page
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I am trying to remove account prefences from my registration page . I read a tread tat said i sould delete te code from member register template but tat backfired as users could not register or maybe i didnt do it properly but please i need a way to do tis

my fourm url

 "sorry for my misspelling a letter on my keyboard is not working am sure you know wic one" Wink
instead of removing them from the templates, hide them instead... thats more recommended... just add style ="display:none;" to the td or fieldset tags which you want to remove...
Tanks it worked

For clarity............ go to Acp>Templates>member>member_register

look for dis

<fieldset class="trow2">


and replace it wit dis

<fieldset style ="display:none;" class="trow2">