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Full Version: Codebuttons images not showing
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Hi the postbit images for my are not showing, they are just showing links instead
    for example, in a thread where you are supposed to have an image showing [Image: newreply.gif] all you get is a link sowing new reply.

All the images have been uploaded to images/mytheme/english and images/english folder i have also made sure all jscripts are uploaded, i reverted the postbit template to original and right now i dont know what else to do

This is my forum's link
looks like your theme is not compatible with MyBB 1.8.x

MyBB 1.8.x compatible themes available here =>
i really love this theme isnt here a way i can tweak it to fit 1.8.5

Hey,  I just noticed that in the new thread/reply menus the option to highlight and change text styles (under post icons) i.e bold, italic,  underline, colour is not there I think fixing this will fix that too