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Full Version: How to report a MyBB website
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Hello ,

I would like to report a MyBB website, this website is run by a COMPLETE team of scammers and robers.

A friend have loose money because is this " trusted forum and 100% secure ", like they say.

They use fake escrow payment, to rob your money.

Please indicate me how to report this forum to the MyBB staff.

thank you

We have no control over people using our software, as we provide it free of charge and users can install it or use it as they wish. All we can do is deny users support here on the support forums.

A better course of action may be to contact the host of the website.

Hi Mystik,

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about such sites. All the MyBB group provides is the software to run the forum. All we can do is deny the owner support here. I suggest you report the site to any regional authorities of fraud has occurred.

Tom K.
thanks for your quick answer.

I will check the host server and send an email to the staff.