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Full Version: [Release] FBlue theme
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Hi All.
1st of all, it's a vb style created by Minerskinz and I get the promossion to convert it Toungue
Opss Sorry forget the download line Big Grin
here you go

please note: You can customize anything you want in the theme, But you can't remove the creator rights or mine.

I hope you like it.
ooooooh i like, i like a lot!
Instate of saying "More Info" it will sound much better if it is said "Mini-Profile" Smile
thnx for your comments,
if you want to change more info to any thing
edit the templat called postbit_author_user find More Info, and change it into what you need.

Pretty cool, Thumbs up! Smile
Brilliant very cool amazing Smile Thanks i really needed a theme which looked just like this
Great theme! Big Grin
thnx Guys, the most thnx back at Miner!!, he is the creator of the theme and thnx for hem to allow me to convert it. Big Grin
Wohoo nice job
great theme.i think it is the best mybb theme(my opinion)
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