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Full Version: Delete/Clear all members from additional user group
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Hello mybb pros!

For the last few weeks i build a forum for our youth group.

i created several different user groups, for example:
- normal members (can read general information etc)
- group leaders (more permissions, can view extra subforum for planning/organization)

These group leaders (and other special groups) change every new year.
So my plan is to delete everybody from the "group leaders" list (to have an empty usergroup)
and afterwards add the new group leaders of next year.

My problem is i don't know how to do it quickly.
I already listed all members. Then i can mark them and with "inline user moderation" i even can change user groups for all at once.

But i just want to delete them from this "one" user group.
With inline user moderation i would set the same new user groups for everybody.
That is not what i want because they should keep there previous other memberships
(which are all different except this "group leaders" membership i want them to lose)

Does somebody have an idea how to do it, or is there an option i did not see?

Thank you for your help.

Delete the group leaders usergroup, and create a new one?
The order would be:

  1. create a new group with permissions copied from the groupleaders group;
  2. delete the groupleaders group;
  3. rename the new group to the original name of the group leaders group.
Thanks for your reply.
This is a fast way. I already thought of something like that.

There is only one problem that i use usergroup id variables in my custom template to show additional information based on memberships of the user. These id's would change everytime i create new usergroups.

I found a different way:
Set myself as groupleader.
Then i can change memberships of this group in user-cp and can delete or add users easy.

I have one suggestion for an improvement in this menu.
In MyBB 1.8.5 (current version/ June 2015) you have to mark every user one by one.

Perhaps someone could add a "mark all users" button at the top like in thread view.
So you do not have to select every user one by one.

Is there a good place (bug report/feature report) to post this?

(06-16-2015, 02:51 PM)suiluj Wrote: [ -> ]Is there a good place (bug report/feature report) to post this?