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Full Version: [Release] Orange border buttons
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Orange border buttons

Release of my 2nd button set Smile , well it is a simple model button but i hope you guys like it. Please leave a comment so that next time i can make better ones Smile


[Image: 73434075.gif] [Image: 2011272.gif] [Image: 15076048.gif]
very good!
Yes, I like them much
Great Work Saurav Smile
I am glad that you guys like the button set, thanks Smile
will done Dragon, thnx Smile
i hope you meant to say "well done" tiger Toungue, thanks for liking them tiger Smile
Veru good if it have good theme!
Looking good
Thanks for the comments guys Smile

@Hamed it can also be use in the default mybb theme just turn the blue cat_bg to orange kind and recolour other and then it will look good with this button set lol Smile