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Full Version: Cookie Bar Notification
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As my website is in the EU I am trying to make a cookie notification bar using the script found here.

I plan to add it below the footer.  I was thinking I could place the javascript file called eu_cookie_banner.js in the /jscripts folder and add a script to the head section calling the script eg


<script src="/path/to/jscripts/eu_cookie_banner.js"></script>

I am not sure what template file to add it to so the script is called from every forum page.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



PS  I am using the 'Cookie Law' plugin from 1.6 which has not been updated and it also puts a notice to guests (first block of text a web crawler sees which messes up SEO and indexing.
Here in the Netherlands it is generally accepted that for functional cookies you don't need to ask permission or even inform your visitors. Mybb only uses functional cookies, so I do nothing.
yes, the script can be added to footer template (add it at the bottom of the template)
Thanks for the replies. I tried numerous scripts in both the footer and headerinclude templates but could not get it to work. Huh I have just completed W3C Schools' courses on html and css and about to start the javascript course. I think I will try again after completing the course. In the meantime I will follow your advice Ad Bakker. I have put a cookies link in the footer.