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Full Version: Enter the server-side code
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I would use a script to the cookie law Italian. This script blocks cookies. But if I plug it in global.php then MyBB locks and I do not get into the admin panel. I think it's due to the protection of the php file to MyBB.
How can I put these lines on the server side?

In particular I should enter:

define('EUCOOKIELAW_DISALLOWED_DOMAINS', ';;;;;;;;;;;');
require 'eucookielaw-header.php';

This page original script:

This is my forum

Many Thanks.
There is no "protection of the php file" in MyBB. And it doesn't lock, white pages mean that PHP throws fatal errors. So the script is either inserted incorrectly in a wrong place or you can't use it with MyBB (it's supposed to work on Wordpress).
Thanks for the reply. The script also works on MyBB fact I solved. I installed the forum from scratch and then I used the database, after upgrading to the new version (1.8.5). I think the forum gave error that had been updated many times, from version 6.1.07 to 1.8.5 Finno.
Important that it is resolved.
Greetings to all of you.