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Full Version: Merged but problems..
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I have merged forums from IPS 4.0 to MyBB 1.8.5 but now i'm having problems like on postbit i see these codes like
[Image: dVm8U5w.png]

How can i fix those codes please instead of going one by one editing each post? Its everywhere on my forum i see this and its pretty annoying now.
Oh hey. I'm famous! (that's me in the screenshot Big Grin)
IDK how you'd fix that without doing it manually...
If theres no way to fix this might aswell leave it like that and let normal users edit their post lol Toungue For me to do it would take long!
I'm not sure there is a way to do this, well that I know of. The Support Team will be able tell you is there is or not.
It's not a major issue anyways.

Additionally this thread should be in Merge System Support.
Also, you should provide your board URL. Luckily, I already know it: Big Grin
Whoever moved this: please bump it next time, otherwise I don't see threads like this.

This is related to I don't have a fix yet, but will try to fix it for the next version. The easiest way to fix this in the meantime would be creating a smiley for it.