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Full Version: How to clean the database
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after upgrading from 1.6 to 1.8 some plug-ins not working properly including SCEditor  so is there any way can I remove rest old not working plug-in data and I need Users, PM's, Polls, Threads, Forums, Posts etc so please tell me how to do this
This asks for tailor made solutions, difficult to give general rules for that.

Generally you should have deacivated and uninstalled plugins before upgrading. Then these should not have left traces in your database.

So, what other things do you want to remove, except that you want to keep users and discussions (threads and posts), which makes sense for a forum in my opinion. Huh
None of editor working after upgrade how to fix this
Do you use a special theme?
Try what happens when you go back to MyBB basic theme and deactivate/uninstall all plugins.
I'm using Duende theme
Dit you try what happens when you disable the theme (switching to MyBB default theme)?
Thanks for your reply

I will check this method
Using a SCEditor plugin is your problem, it's a default feature in 1.8 and you cause conflicts by trying to run 2 instances of it.