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Full Version: Guests cannot log-in!
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I thought it was weird that I did not have new people registering in the past 5 days! I tried to register as a new user and keep on getting this notice telling me that the registration has been denied because I have been recognized as a spammer! I read other threads about others having a similar issue, but I do not have an anti-spammer.  I used to have it with the older version but due to incompatibility of the plug-in with the new version of myBB 1.8.5 I had to uninstall it. Any help is appreciated.

My forum is

What I tried so far:
1) I was going to see if it's a template issue, but I currently have an 1.8.5 default myBB theme.
2) I disabled the captcha in the login registration options, but didn't work.
3) I don't have any antispammer that could be causing problems.
It is apparently some spam detecting setting, not sure where that is Smile
(06-22-2015, 02:10 AM)CallingChain Wrote: [ -> ]It is apparently some spam detecting setting, not sure where that is Smile

Hello, thanks for replying. I don't have any plugins for spam and the only setting I can think of is in the log in registration section. I already tried disabling the captcha code, but that didn't work.

OK, got it fixed!
I searched old threads and M said to revert member_register that's located in the member templates section. I did that and it's now working!