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Full Version: Missing Images
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Hello I am trying to re add all my images I done most images but I can not find out were to edit the ones I am showing in the screen shot I only need these few images can anyone tell me were to add them from the admin cp please ?

[Image: Untitled_zpsmnlnfkjr.jpg]

I use mybb 1.8.5

my site
Right click on the images and then click open image in new tab and you'll be able to see where you need to upload the new images.
all forum reads <img src="images/JAMPS-GamerZone/varios/ok12.png">

forum team <img src="images/JAMPS-GamerZone/varios/team2.png">

statistics <img src="images/JAMPS-GamerZone/varios/estadisticas5.png">

the logout just like ben c posted, right click and inspect element.
Then the question is: do these subdirectories of images and the images files in there exist? If not, find them and put them there, or change the template.

By the way, it is a strange place for these buttons, within the statistics. When you minimize the statistics, they simply disappear. It would be better to put them in the index template, just below the {$boardstats} line.
Please follow the instructions here to upload your images. You need to use absolute URLs.