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Full Version: Combining CSS
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By default, there are 7 CSS files installed with MyBB. Two of those are attached to all pages, and another two on top of that in showthread.php. That's four CSS files loaded on those pages.

Now, I'm a person who jumps at any opportunity for optimising things, no matter how small the benefit may be. I intend to combine the global and css3 files into one file, and the star_ratings and showthread files into another. Before I do this though, is there any particular reason why these CSS files were split like this in the first place? I can understand splitting showthread from global, since showthread is only for particular parts of the forum, but global and css3 seems unusual to me.

Basically, the whole point of me doing this is to minimise server requests, and to cut down on total file size, since different styles are set in different files for the same selectors.
I agree it doesn't make much sense, you can't combine them either because none can be deleted and empty stylesheets still gets requested. Feel free to bump the bug report so that it gets more attention: