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Full Version: Language error
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Hi ,

I love this forum system but I have some error when I try to merge my forum from vb3

all things are right , my problem is only not English ( Arabic text ) text come as ( ????? ??? ?? ????? )

so can I know what is a problem , I hope to help me asap

What's the database encoding of the vb3 database, what's the encoding of your mybb database, what encoding did you selected on the db configuration page and have you changed the value of "convert automatically to utf8"?

Also there are some known issues with arabic strings, however I was never able to reproduce them as in most times the databases I got were already corrupted.
and another problem , Arabic name of user transfer to my new forum as ( ??? ???????_vbulletin3_import188 ) !!

so please I need help

Answer the questions, otherwise I can't help...