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Full Version: WYSIWYG Editor Disappeared
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Basically the codebuttons are not showing up anymore.
I tried to check the javascript files but I didnt really find anything.
I hope somebody can help with it.

The forum is at
The forums are the currently newest verison, 1.8.5
(06-23-2015, 06:05 PM)Tatsuto Wrote: [ -> ]Basically the codebuttons are not showing up anymore.

Wat has been changed just before this happened?
Thats the question. Noone noticed it for a while. I tired disabling all plugins to see if that helps. It didnt. I disabled all jquery additons plugins did. No change Sad
It looks similar to this thread. That had to do with multiple loading of jQuery scripts.
there is a problem with the code used for a smilie.
Quote:Error: SyntaxError: unterminated string literal
Source Code:
": "",":Dosh:

users have no access to misc.php file ! strange.
anyway, can't check it further now. moving to sleep.
please remove account of user id 2962
If you used Mass Edit for smilies in ACP in MyBB 1.8.0-1.8.4 and one of your smilies had multiple replacements, you need to edit that smilie, clean its replacements and readd you multiple replacements, each in a new line, then save. Do it for each smilie with multiple replacements. There was a bug with Mass Edit and multiple replacements which got fixed in 1.8.5.
Indeed it was the smiley issue. Thank you!