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Full Version: How to find out size of forum icons?
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I am going to be replacing my current theme icons with custom ones. How do I find out the size of these icons? The icons in the images folder are all grouped into one image for if it has replies, doesn't have replies, etc.
I think you mean sprites, series of icons above each other. With an image application (on Apple OS X I use Preview) it is simple to find out what the size of the individual icons is. The height can also be deduced from the CSS in which they are used, you see a vertical step size which is equal to the height of the icons. When you have problems with that, post the sprites which you want analyzed.

It is also possible to make sprites from individual icons. I use Instant Sprite. When you don't want to make changes to CSS, new sprites must have the same dimensions as the ones originally used by MyBB. By making some (minor) changes to CSS you can also deviate from the original size.
may i know which theme you are using... make sure the theme uses an image and not font-awesome icons... also check this related thread...