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Full Version: Soft deleted threads and answers
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After soft deleting a thread the quick reply and the "New reply" button are still shown, however when I try to answer (either via Quick reply or when clicking on "New Reply") I get an error that the specified thread does not exist. I haven't checked the permissions here but either the buttons should be removed, I should be able to answer or I shouldn't see the thread. The current way is somehow wrong (I know the thread exists, I see the reply options but get an error).
(2015-06-24, 09:15 AM)JonesĀ H Wrote: [ -> ]I haven't checked the permissions here but either the buttons should be removed, I should be able to answer or I shouldn't see the thread.

replying to a deleted thread doesnt makes sense... and it should be visible as well, thats what the soft delete is all about... so removing the buttons would be the right way imho...
It depends - I had the case where I deleted a thread and then wanted to reply to it why I deleted the thread. That'd be a case where you want to reply to a soft deleted thread. Otherwise you'd need to reply with "a" (or something else nonsense), delete the thread and then edit the reply (which is possible). If you have the permission to restore a thread you should also be able to reply to it imho.
Why not use the thread notes function to log why it was deleted? Being able to reply to a deleted thread seems odd to me.
It's simply how we handle notices - especially since thread notes aren't parsed.
how who handles notices?

The ability to reply to a deleted thread is just odd - is this staff only? will the reply to the deleted thread actually show in any of the overviews? (forumdisplay/todaysposts/newposts)?
At a forum I own.

If you can restore a thread you can always reply to it by restoring and deleting. Therefore we should handle it similar to unapproved threads: If you can restore it you can reply to it. (Unapproved threads aren't shown in lastpost/todaysposts etc too afaik)
I think that it isnt needed, and ones own forum is not really a valid use case (IMO). However, if we are looking at those aspects, it would be nice if the closed status on closed threads appeared for moderators/admins too. It currently has no indication in showthread view apart from the color of quick reply (optional) . It should say closed, even if they can reply.
I don't see any problem with being able to reply to a soft deleted thread if one can see it and has other required permissions. It doesn't make any sense that you need to restore it, answer and soft delete again. Yet another reason to use unapprove over soft delete.

So I'd allow it, especially that we don't block it in editpost.php. And if we don't want to allow it, the error should be at least changed, "The specified thread does not exist" is weird if you can browse the thread.

And closed status is discussed in another thread in Bur Reports IIRC.
I don't think you should be able to edit/reply to a soft deleted thread/post.

If you want to edit or add information to the thread/post do so before soft deleting or make use of the thread notes.
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