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Full Version: Add Admins to Ignore List
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MyBB 1.8.5.
All registered users can add administrators, super moderators, moderators to ignore list. As a result, there is no possibility to write a Private Message to registered users from forum administration.
In Admin CP (Users & Groups / Groups / Administrators / Users and Permissions) option ”Can send private messages even if recipients have them disabled?” doesn't work because its work, when registered user not add admin to ignore list and in his profile disabled option ”Receive private messages from other users.”
May be need to add an option in the Admin CP which disabled ignore of administration?
This has already bee reported: You can PM them, but the button just doesn't appear in multiple places. Marking as duplicate.
I talk about ignoring administrations by users
[Image: 4cf460a7998b550d87d1986ab57e82e2.png]
That's not a bug. ”Can send private messages even if recipients have them disabled?” (or any other setting) doesn't say anywhere that the admin can't be added to ignore list. You can open a thread in Suggestions if you want to add another option for that.