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Full Version: User titles not depending on amount of threads
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ootb: Depending on the number of posts, the user title will be upgraded one level.

I have a different requirement.

I want the user title to reflect a skill level.
I want to set and change the user title myselves, as an admin, for all the users.
In other words, I do not want the count of number of posts in the equation.

Is there a simple way to accomplish this?

I am a newbie, just setting up 1.8.5.

thanks in advance for your advice.
I would just remove all of the text entries for each of the current user titles and then they won't have one unless you assign them one.
"Remove the entries for each of the current user titles" is clear.
After doing that, how do you "assign a title"?

P.S. now I understand. Go to a specific user - edit - profile and "Custom User Title" option .
This is just what I want. I only loose the star(s).
thanks for your answer.
So you'll need to go to your acp and edit a user and you'll be able to manually enter a user title for each individual user.