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Full Version: New User Registratin - Service Not available
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Quick question.  Once someone clicks "register", they get the usual disclaimer screen.  There is a tab below that says "Agree".  Clicking that takes you to a blank page that says at the top "This service is unavailable".

Thank you for any assistance.

ACP -> Configuration -> Login & Registration -> Disable registrations? -> No.
It's not on "disable registrations". So that's not it....
Please link us to your forum. The above link you have provided says 404 page not found

No idea why I put "forum" in there.
Does this also occur on the default theme? it does not.
Likely an issue with your theme then mate, it's hard to tell you exactly what the problem would be. You should contact the theme developer or you may pm me admin details and I will take a look and see if I can see the problem or alternatively you may wish to look for another theme.
Understood. You've helped by pointing out the theme difference though, so that should get me on track.

Much appreciated!
No problem, good luck!