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Full Version: Want to change the Location of config file from /inc/config.php
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Asalamo alikum ,
GUys due to some secuirty improvements i want to change the location of My Config file from /inc/config.php to another secure directory where Someone Can't fnd it easily

In Wp we have such plugins to do that, But any ways its can be done manually in few minutes,
I just wanted to ask that Which ( Modules / Files  ) are using /inc/config.php in them so when i change its location in them manually i also change the  location of this file in Acoording Db's Like in Admin  n Others,

i'll be w8ing for ur rply Wink

or someone give me a proper info about it
I've been looking for an answer to this all over the place. I'd love to see the support you get in this thread. I'll find it useful as well.
so no one apprantely wanted to Discuss >