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Full Version: theme upload/missing temporary folder error
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I am new to myBB, cPanel, FileZilla, etc so my apologizes if it takes me a moment to gather what I'm doing.

I attempted to import a theme. I transferred the extracted folders through FileZilla and then went to upload the .xml file and I get this error:
Upload failed. Please try again.Error details:
PHP returned: Missing a temporary folder. Please contact your forum administrator with this error.

I contacted godaddy support and they suggested that I ask where the directory needs to be located and what it should be named. Other than that, I am unsure what I should be doing to fix this issue.
you could have posted in normal text.
report Wrote:No need for the huge text

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if you are not a spam bot / human spammer & if you really need help then the reply at above referred thread should help
But i have face same problam and i cant undrstand this please hehp me im new here
okay. you can inform below content to your web host
Quote:tmp named folder can be created above public_html folder level and it can be configured in php settings

upload_tmp_dir ="/usr/home/webhostusername/tmp/"
I cant undrstand please explane this in simal words
^ web host support people should be able to understand that !

ask them to create a folder with name tmp. that tmp folder need not be visible to you on ftp client / file manager.
then that tmp folder should be added in configuration of php (that is in php.ini file)
Ok thanks ill try this

I create a folder with name tmp then open this folder then make a file with the name of php.ini and insert that coed in this file upload_tmp_dir ="/usr/home/webhostusername/tmp/" and save then i face agin same problam

please explan in detaile because im new in this filed and i cant understand
^ making a new php.ini file might not help. it needs to be the original php configuration file. please contact web host