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Full Version: Default User Avatar
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I would like to set Default User Avatar to none, how to do it?

Thanks in advance.
Leave the field "Default User Avatar" blank.
if u want ur a image as default user avatar you have to upload that image in ur website's filemanager and in default user avatar write the image location (like root/public_html/image/image.jpg)
(2015-06-28, 09:57 AM)Ad Bakker Wrote: [ -> ]Leave the field "Default User Avatar" blank.

It is blank but like you can see on 2nd ss there is little icon under username on posts and profile page...
Then it's a theme matter. When I leave the default avatar blank with a clean MyBB 1.8.5 install, the avatar is completey gone.
upload a 1pixel transparent png to server and define that as the default avatar
Guys, thank you for help but because of construction of theme its not good way to fix it. Im gonna continue this in theme topic. Thanks again for your time!
This is not a forum to discuss theme issues. Do it on the right forum.