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Full Version: Prevent Guests from posting URLs
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Is there a way to prevent Guests from posting Links? I would prefer to use the Admin-CP, but I would make Code-Changes too if necessary.

Thanks in advance!
This is not a standard option. A plugin will be required, I think that this will not be too complicated. Adding a filter which works before the mycode of the message is parsed.
Oh sorry, I totally forgot to answer.

The Spam-flood got back after blocking TOR and I activated moderation of guest-posts, so I don't have the problem anymore.

Thank you nevertheless,
Because I had 100+ spam posts today, I decided to make a simple plugin, to prevent guests of posting most of the URLs.


  1. I made this Plugin just for me in a couple of hours. (don''t have MyBB-Plugin-making-knowledge, thats why it took that long)
  2. I don't know if I will ever update this plugin.
  3. This plugin doesn't filter out ALL Urls, just a lot of them.

Known Bugs:
  1. Doesn't put error-message on previewing. (I didn't find a hook for that ...)

I hope this helps somebody ...

P.S.:@Ad Bakker Before MyCode? ... thats too late. Then the Spam is already in the database. I made the same mistake, too at the beginning.