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Full Version: Alignment codes
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We only support one alignment code (1) while SCEditor seems to also support different ones (2). However apparently SCEditor parses them to our format. Not sure whether and how we should change that.


If I create an [center] MyCode from the ACP it shouldn't be ignored. Currently it does.
Custom codes are a completly unrelated to this issue.
If I created a [center] MyCode from the ACP in 1.6 and update to the current version of MyBB 1.8 it will stop working.

So I wouldn't say it is _unrelated_, the editor shouldn't mess with it.
Well, we can remove those predefined BBCodes here: instead of trying to overwrite their old format which apparently doesn't work as someone expected: They aren't needed for anything since [align] is defined and inserted instead of them.
The overwriting seems to work but I don't see why we should do that. That causes weird behaviour with source mode where the codes aren't supported (changed to our alignment code).
Ah yes, I misunderstood the 1st post. But I still think we should do what I wrote. Note that this also applies to [justify], [ul] and [ol] which weren't mentioned in the 1st post.
So, anyone against removing those codes via
. If not I'm going to push this
+1, I agree with Destroy