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Full Version: Can't login
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Hello people!

Ive installed 1.8 for a couple of times but I can login but after the redirect screen (or something) Im logged out!?

You need to check your cookie settings. Please see /inc/settings.php and show your cookie settings here.
Out of curiosity, are you on a phone or a desk/laptop? I just had a terrible time with my phone. 

Though it's likely to be cookies. You might also try clearing your site's cookies or cache, or using an incognito window. 

More here:
Thx, I'll try it, I need to re-install mybb cuz another software deleted it by accident. Ill reply it later!

I've installed it and after that I can't login.
^ can we have your forum url ..
I have already deleted my forum, sorry! It was a test project so.. you may close this tread