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Full Version: Broke my site, not sure how to fix it
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Back when I was just starting I tried hosting with phpbb but didn't like it much so I went with MyBB instead. I thought I deleted phpbb but I didn't. I saw a note that phpbb needed to be updated. I figured it wasn't really needed so I uninstalled it via softaculous. What I didn't realize was they were both in the same part of the database so some files were deleted I think? im not sure which ones. I went back into my site but ended up coming across this instead

[Image: errror_zpsfgl9egms.png]

All of my post and user information is all there, even the plug ins. I dont know how to fix this though. Can anyone help me please?

Note: I do have a clean version of a mybb site that was unaffected by all of this.
Thank you for the help but I just followed the instruction and it didn't change anything
Can you enter your AdminCP?
If so, go to Tools &Maintenance -> Cache Manager -> Rebuid & Reload all Caches

This only makes sense when you had to change some things in the steps described before.

Also giving a hard refresh might help.

When this doesn't help, have a look whether your styles are still there (global.css in particular)