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Full Version: Need help to make registration page!!
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I make small forum and i whant to make registration page (that is now my home page, portal.php).
I whant to make when people put my web adress that first page is registration page.
I dont know how to do it.
I am not shore if have some plug in for that,but thhat mean i need finished page for install.
I am using iGame theme!
Step-bystep tutorials will be great in this job Smile

Thanx guys,you do a Great job!!!
You could set up a redirect in your .htaccess file which automatically redirects people to

1. Log into your FTP
2. Locate your MyBB forum route
3. Open your .htaccess file, if one doesn't exist, create one.
4. Add at the top of the file:
Redirect / /member.php?action=register

That should work for you.