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Full Version: MyCodes Custom Index Pages
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I want to create a page costume in which the page is only display custom mycodes. is it possible?  Big Grin

#newbie  Big Grin #PHP  Blush

I want to try to create a custom page like on this website.

hope Leefish or anyone who knows how PHP is willing to help  


I've tried to learn portal.php but my knowledge of PHP is far from understood.  Toungue

Regards  Blush
do you want to make a page which parses MyCode ? if so OUGC pages plugin can be used
Yes, right. then how to display MyCodes like I mean in my thread above?  Huh

as an example:
I just wanted to show MyCodes of a thread that contains Mp3, Mp4 or YOUTUBE (and others). later on that page will display MyCodes that I specify in advance only (Mp3, Mp4 or YOUTUBE; etc).

The following images may be able to clarify.  Big Grin


sorry if my language is difficult to understand :p
I think this can be done by using xthreads,
like that?
Yes. Xthreads like you mean it. BUT, this costum page and not on the threads, bro Big Grin .
bump thread
bump threads.

This method can be done like on this website?
bump threads  Sleepy