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Full Version: Moderate new posts & threads help needed
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Hello, can anyone help me with the following questions on 1.8.5

I'm thinking of introducing moderate new posts and threads, I've never used it before but worked out how to set it up so no problem there but I can't find an answer to the following.

#1 How can I let moderators know there is a post/thread awaiting approval by Email (They subscribe to all forums, but obviously that no longer works) So how will they know there is a new thread. ?

#2 When a thread/post gets approved how can I make it so an email goes out to members that subscribe to new posts, I may have missed something on this part but no email notifications are going out after a post has been approved.

Sorry if it's out there somewhere but I've been unable to find an answer.

Thank you.
Does no one know? I've had another look into it and searched but can't find an answer.