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Full Version: Improving the Docs
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Hey everyone,

As I'm sure a lot of you have noticed by now, the Docs site hasn't received much love in a while, and is somewhat a mess of information in different ways.

If anyone has some spare time, it would be awesome if you could drop by the mybb/ GitHub repository, and take a look to see if you know how to make the edits needed to solve an issue. I've just posted a bunch of issues up, with pretty specific goals to them, and so it should be relatively straightforward (if I do my job correctly).
(Issues with the needs-volunteer label)

If you accept an issue, drop a comment inside the issue, and I'll update the labels as needed. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Further Resources:
GitHub Issue Labels breakdown:
Link to issues that (will) need some love:
Markdown Syntax Cheatsheet:
Liquid Syntax for Syntax Highlighting in Jekyll:

Making Pull Requests on GitHub:
  • TL;DR: Fork it to your account on GitHub, clone down, make edits that you think will do what you intend (or set up a proper dev environment), commit and push to your repository, then go to GitHub and open a PR from your repo to mybb/ and describe what you did and mention the issue # in commits and PRs, please. is also helpful.