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Full Version: Hide Users on specific page from 'Whos online'
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I want to hide guests which are surfing a specific page from 'whos online'.
They should never appear in 'whos online' or 'who was online'.

Thanks for your help!
For forumdisplay this is template forumdisplay_usersbrowsing, from which you can remove the guests.

For thread display this is template showthread_usersbrowsing.
I think I didn't describe it correctly.. sorry.

A guest joins a custom page inside the forums.
In the online list on forums index everyone can see there is a guest around. In online.php you can also see where he is browsing.
I want to hide this guest on the custom page from any list. So nobody knows he's even there.

Is that possible ? Smile
You talk about a guest as a single person, but most times there are several guests. For large forums this can be hundreds.
You talk about "the custom page", what do you mean by that?
Found it out! Thansk anyway. It's handled in the session class.
This easy line in update_session and create_session is doing my thing:

if(strpos($db->escape_string(substr(get_current_location(), 0, 150)),"landing") !== false) return;
That will damage your sessions though, not a good solution. This is the correct file to edit: