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Full Version: How to edit page?
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My forums:

I was curious on how to edit the page of my forums. When I say this I mean several parts. There will be links name link1 link2 link3, etc... I also would like to know how to edit the Portal of my forums.

If you go on my forums now, on the main page there is:

Your title
Content here

Latest activity


How do i edit that also?
latest activity fills up when you have some posts content on your forum.

however it is supposed to be at right side column of forum index page.
ensure that all files related to the theme are uploaded to correct locations. (theme installation)

see this reply for changing the box content
What about editing like social medialinks / buttons? I see people creating like donation pages.. how does that all work with MyBB?
looks like you have changed the theme.
anyway, for the side bar content you have to edit in the index template as suggested here

in general, a plugin is used for donation page. (eg. MySubscriptions)