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Full Version: Plugin limit thread replies specific forum!
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I am searching for a custom plugin that allows me as an admin to set a rule in a specific part of my forum (1 section of the forum) to limit the amount of replies a person is allowed to make.

For example, a user is only allowed to reply to 10 topics/threads in this specific forum but can reply as much as they want in other forums.

This should be able to be applied to specific user groups aswell.

Am willing to pay/purchase this plugin for anyone who is up for creating it!
I actually tried upgrading yaldaram to get the paid plugins however his site is broken so cant pay... It redirects wrongly and i message him but he isnt replying.

Regarding the second plugin, it only works for certain users... not usergroups? I need one that is entire usergroups.
Hello zoomba,
I will make it for you. (check your PM inbox)