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Full Version: Moderators Group Needs Posts To Be Approved By Moderator
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Hi guys,  I've been having a very strange issue with the default Moderator usergroup.

When i set a User as Moderator for one section of my forum they can create and edit there's and other Users 
post & threads.

When a Moderator tries to post or create a thread in a section they do not Moderate there posts & threads have to be approved my a Moderator either from that section, Super Moderator or Admin.

** Normal Users can still post and create threads in all sections with out Moderators approval.

Below are some screen shots to try and show my permissions set up and what i get when Moderator tries to create a thread in a section they do not Moderate.

[Image: HxgjMbE.png]

[Image: 0dKl4n3.png]

[Image: eZccriA.png]
In the second screen shot you need to untick all of those boxes.
Thank you i will give that a try now and report back.

Edit: It worked, been trying to work this out for 2 months thank you so much Smile