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Full Version: [CSS] having trouble changing Users online text color
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"1 user active in the past 15 minutes (0 members, 0 of whom are invisible, and 1 guest)."

I'm trying to make that text white, but I can't seem to find the right class... I've tried a ton. I think I inspect the element it's pulling the text color from somewhere else and overriding but I am not for certain.

The URL to where I'm doing it is 
acp - themes - (your theme) - global.css - selector - table - color; change via hex (e.g #FF0000) or text (e.g Red)

[Image: 6LSEJJB.png]

if you can not find table in selector drop down

acp - themes - (your theme) - global.css - Edit Stylesheet: Advanced Mode - CTRL+F - search TABLE - change color

[Image: 36BghLW.png]