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Full Version: Working on a template
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I plan to turn my site into a Template Forum for MBB skins(if I can get it pumping with life, heh). I hope some of you might like this It's a quick little skin that I'm hoping to finish tomorrow. I started it about two hours ago.. Not complete- as you can tell. The logo is horrible, and I plan to redo it soon enough.

I'm relatively new to this forum system, and I'd like to know if anyone could direct me as to how I could change the red looking borders?
Hey - thats one pretty shmick looking template you have so far! Wink

For those red borders, you'll have to manually edit the CSS template (its in the container section of the CSS). Change the border: line to suit your width, style, and colour.

By the looks of your theme, you should enjoy the huge changes made to the theme system in Gold! Smile
Much thanks. Smile
Second Skin
I don't think I'll be releasing this one though. I'm not sure. I really want to help MBB out. Seems there aren't a lot of skins.. and skins are what attract people.
[Image: boo.gif]

Sorry for double post. Didn't see the edit button. Sad
I usually don't like dark skins but I actually really like that one!

You'll be able to customise it alot more with the new theme system and make it look really more awesome.

Don't worry, there will be alot more skins to choose from once gold is released. Most of us are just sitting here in the wings waiting on a stable release to unleash our skinning madness Smile

What you have so far is a great start.
It's a shame that top skin is a rip of
the link did not work for moi