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Full Version: Few problems
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I'm quite new in foruming, and i'd like some help.

1) Attachments not showing in post. After I puted moderation on attachments for registered users, the attachments are not showing at all. Even after approving them. I'd like to change the system, that when registered user posts attachment, the post show the attachment and it says it needs approval first.

2) how to change the yellow text from this other error message: " Please note that new attachments must be approved". It's not in error.div

Bring up my post.
can we have your forum url & a test user account so that someone can check it
(currently free domian, when site is done, i will upgrade)

test account:
Name: test
Password: tester

I created testing forum under Important Announcements, please feel free to use this. Thanks!
attachment is clearly visible (test url) - so have you removed moderation on attachments ?
you may PM me temporary admin account - however I may be able to check it after a couple of hours