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Full Version: Redirect Forums causing Blank Pages
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When users select the language russian and then click a redirect forum they end up on an empty page for unknown reasons.

The forum is at

I cannot supply a test account as it uses steam.

I hope somebody is able to help with this.

Extra Info:
I am using up to date firefox.
looks like Russian language pack is not compatible with MyBB 1.8.x - from where you have downloaded it ?
^ so is that 1804 version ( you are using ?
if your web host panel consists of server error log then check for latest entries in it to find cause of blank screen
I found nothing in the errorlog. I also figured out that when set to russian the attachement mime types are ignored and everything is assumed to be plaintext. Meaning .rar would open up as a bunch of symbols.
So I have checked the entire russian files and encountered several errors and issues in them. I have fixed them all.
However the blank forum-redirect and mime-types being ignored still happens.

And ideas?

I suspect its because of the UTF-8 encoding.
For me work your forum.. I have selected the Russian Language and i have clicked a redirect and works without problems.
That doesnt make much sense. Did you try downloading a file? What country are you from. What browser are you using? Are you logged in?
Oh right, i'm logged in and the error is this:
[Image: b565a771949e35ae2dd02dfe880c04ed.png]

I think the page mydownloads.lang.php is corrupted or not compatible.
The error makes no sense. The file in question does not set header info. It only contains language strings in php.
Lines 1 and following

Deleting the files solved the issues. However how do I fix the issues?
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