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Full Version: How does mybb calculate pageviews
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Hi I have been using mybb, not too long and I noticed that  page views and thread views are a little bit exaggerated compared to Google and others I don't know if this is a purely "support only" forum or a "everything-mybb" forum but I want to know on a scale of 1-10 how similar is mybb views calculator to Google Analytics', 1 being not similar and 10 being same
Out of curiosity
Every request which hits a valid thread increments the thread view counter, whether it be a real person or a bot. Google Analytics however is executed in the user's browser (if they have Javascript enabled and aren't otherwise blocking GA). Both can be faked, and both can be inaccurate. There isn't a concentrate way to distinguish between browsers and bots while still having accurate data.
As Nathan said, MyBB tracks raw hits without checking for bots or anything. That's why the view counters here on MyBB can inflate rapidly after posting - bots crawl this site often and some threads are often linked on services such as Twitter.
OK thanks,
In other words Google check for views by people
While mybb checks for views

Mybb kinda builds the confidence in one's forum

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