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Full Version: Spam bots have found my forum.
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MyBB version is 1.8.5.

I woke up today to find that spam bots have found my forum and I don't know how to stop them.

I was looking at the recaptcha plugins and I don't see any for 1.8.5. I've also tried adding more security questions, but the bots still seem to get by with no issue.

Is there any plugin (or setting I'm not seeing) I can download that would stop these bots from registering and posting?

Edit: Just realized I posted this thread in the wrong forum! Don't see an option to delete the thread, Sorry mods.

Edit #2: Found there is a hidden recaptcha setting under Admin CP > Login and Registration Options
ACP / Configuration / Settings / Stop Forum Spam / Make sure additional checks are enabled.

I'd just enable what ever you need, this isn't a sure thing but it's better than nothing.
You can use this plugin for MyBB 1.8.5

change the compatibility if needed.

And also you can use No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA (reCAPTCHA V2) to get better results.
You can find more info in this thread.