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Full Version: Supported DB Extensions : None Xampp
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I would like to install my forum on my VPS with Windows and Xampp.
I tried, but it gives that error : Supported DB Extensions : None.

Even if I edited the php.ini enabling mysqli, mysql etc. by removing ; before extension=php_mysqli and extension=php_mysql.
I also tried to edit the extension_dir with the right dir, but it still gives the error.
What can I do?
I see no errors on php_errors.log, it means Mysqli and mysql.dll were found and in the correct dir and enabled..
But MyBB still gives error.
Did you restart Apache (xampp/apache_stop.bat & xampp/apache_start.bat)?
(2015-07-13, 07:19 PM)Devilshakerz Wrote: [ -> ]Did you restart Apache (xampp/apache_stop.bat & xampp/apache_start.bat)?