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Full Version: SSL Problem in Mybb 1.8.x
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Asalam o ALikum
i have recently Added Godaddy Standard SSL to my website but on Running site on https:// my site doesnt propely opens , i have checked everything the ssl is correctly installed

orignal site is like this on http
[Image: v5o1zyt.png]

And When access via Https
i  get this
[Image: COv6shh.png]

As already said everything is properly installed from go daddy certificates also attaching my site ssl test report

[Image: jwe9XWG.png]

So its probably error only in Mybb i hope i will get to know solution about it soon
Change http to https in the Board URL setting (ACP: Configuration → Site Details).
Hard-coded URLs may also need to be changed in similar fashion in the style's templates (often in the headerinclude template) or CSS.
Means i have to Manually change :/ All templetes n css files :/ no PLugin or anything Easy for that

Thankyou PRoblem Solved , let me see if other plugins etc working fine