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Full Version: Naija Words Mobile Theme v1.0
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Hi I noticed how rigid the GoMobile default theme is so I have developed a theme using pointers from GoMobile theme,  this theme has been submitted and is awaiting approval

- Site logo
- User rank on postbit
- username on welcome member
- time and search box on header
- and lots more

first on the list for release will be

#Naija Words Mobile - Green v1.0

I may not be always around on mybb community to answer questions until after first release (Green) so post  your questions on this thread

Screenshot from mobile
very nice is this support RTL if not how do i make it ?
I am working on a more stable version with less bugs, I had to do a lot of editing, I  will post an update when am through,  go to the link above if you want a download link to the less stable (but quite ok) version
Thanks for your work .
More samples from my site's current mobile theme showing 
forums dropdown, 
and postbit with images and selected countries [attachment=34740][attachment=34741][attachment=34742]
awesome modification .
(2015-07-27, 07:09 PM)iturdu Wrote: [ -> ]awesome modification .

Can you give me the hex color code for the green on your site so I can make a theme for you. I made it so all you have to do is change the color code
i think this
basically i am using default mybb theme and i am using water as base color you may find the property of this base in default theme color_water.css
Here is the link to download it
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