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Full Version: Update and not working!
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Hello I have a problem I've updated to version 1.8.5 Syndication and greeted JSE issue with the GPA and Shoutbox Shows Avatar on Threadlist and Forumlist. And I do not know how to fix it.

[Image: KDGo.png]

How to fix please?
may be Your Language Pack Not Complete
Ok and how to fix? although again I give the English language it's still the same.
The image is not showing. Please provide a forum url and testing account.
Ok, url is here:

User: test
Password: test12345

please how to fix?
My czech language is somewhat outdated Huh , but for the remaining I see no strange things. Can you indicate what to look for?
The point is that the picture you see the colon and in the background was a chat in the window listing the user. And suddenly, instead of whatever is there I display the colon that is there and I do not know how to fix it so that everything worked as it should.
It looks like certain variables are not defined there.

Which plugins did you install and did you check whether these are suitable for MyBB 1.8?